Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thank you Mother!

You know, as long as I have been pagan, I have rejected one long-standing belief from when I was Christian: if you're having problems, give them all up to God(dess). Now I'm starting to see that simply asking for help from Her gets results I never imagined!

Not only do we have a wonderful new staff member, but we've now hired two more: one for Bank and one for Roydon. I trained the new girl in just under a week and my full time guy trained her on close. I'll do the same thing with the new guy who starts on Monday and C will train him a couple of nights on close as well. By mid-April we should be ready for the onslaught that is spring and summer at EP!! Talk about going from famine to feast in a week!!

Speaking of EP, did anyone watch Trading Spouses last night? Okay, I'm SO not a fan, but I'm going to be watching it next week as well as last night's. One of the family's (the father and the mother, specifically) both work for the head office of the company I work for!!! And the HOUSE they live in! Shit, I'm in the wrong department!!! This guy and his wife have the most beautiful house... just phenomenal. Too bad they treat their boys like shit... but we won't go into that. As eccentric as the other wife is (from the Ozarks), she's certainly a lot more put together than this spoiled rich man's wife who has never lifted a finger around her own house!

But enough of that, back to my prayers being answered! I wished for a good night's sleep, I got it. With some of our tax return, last weekend, Hubby and I bought a gorgeous bed. We haven't slept on a 'real' bed in almost 11 years. Our old bed was an Ikea special that was a mattress on slats; no boxspring. This new one is a deep-pocket mattress with a pillow top and I swear, I almost need a stepping stool to get up into this thing, it's that high up off the ground!! And COMFY!! My Goddess, no matter what position I sleep in, I'm comforable. Which, in and of itself is a miracle because I haven't been able to sleep on my left side since after Chrisco was born. I slipped and fell on the ice when I was about seven months pregnant with him and after that, my sciatic joint/nerves have never been the same. This bed is a dream come true for me!

So what's going on this weekend?! Well with baby bonus (which doesn't come in till next Monday, but I'm spending it anyway, heh) I'm going to be taking Peej (and the other two, of course, but they're just tagging along for the ride) into the city to get the poor kid some pants. Right now, he has TWO, count'em two pair of pants that fit him, and he's rapidly growing out of both of them. So off to Old Navy I go, because it's one of the only places where I can get Beanpole Deluxe (the carbon copy of his uncle!) anything that will fit him properly around the waistline!!

That's it for now I think, now that I've caught you up on my little life. Would love to hear from you all!!



At 8:37 p.m. , Blogger Ted said...

Rae, my previous comment didn't show up so just a heads-up that you probably have a comment waiting for moderation.



At 8:38 p.m. , Blogger Ted said...

P.S. and BTW -

Are you able to access my blog now? Let me know when you get a chance...



At 4:24 p.m. , Blogger Raevyn said...

Yep, able to from home now...not too sure about work because I haven't been on my computer at all since about Wednesday. Nuts with training and such. Will let you know if getting in from my laptop is a problem though.


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