Saturday, March 18, 2006

(x-posted from other blog) Baby Bonus, how I love thee...

Yes, my long-lost baby bonus came in this morning. And dammit, I was determined to SPEND IT! It was three months in arrears, a mishap created when we moved and forgot to send them our forwarding address, so when they tried to mail us something, they suspended it after three months of not hearing from us. Thankfully, we got all three months at once, and that yeilded:
A stainless steel microwave
A Wiltshire BBQ utensil set
Several club packs of various groceries (peanut butter, jam, honey, crackers, et al)
The entire original Star Wars Trilogy™ on DVD (in widescreen, no less!)
Two TFal™ deep-dish frying pans (one is an actual wok, I think)

And after I left C*stC*™, I went to Hell*Mart and bought...

*drum roll*

an Elliptical Trainer!!!
Okay, granted, it's not the piece of elliptical heaven that you'd see in your local gym, but keee-rist, am I going to have fun on that thing!!! I can't wait. Hubby bought a weight bench and several weights, and sometime this weekend he's going to draft me up an exercise regimen so I can get back into shape because...

Did I mention I'm going to FEST?!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Okay okay, enough. Just thought I'd update you on my excellent day of shopping my little heart out!!!


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