Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blessed Beltane!!

I know I know I KNOW!! Bad blogger! Baaaaaaad bloggerrrrr!!! Chalk it up to craziness at work (I know I know, when is it NOT crazy at work?), lack of time in the evenings and CRACKBOOK...hehe....

Hope everyone has a wonderful Beltane night (as for me I don't have a hubby to cuddle up to tonight... *this* will have to do *GIGGLE*... oh come ON, don't act shocked!!)

Love to all!


Edited to add: ROFLMAO, just goes to show you how much I can pay attention after a long day of work. I didn't notice the name of the website I took that link from until I clicked on it!! *deep blush*


At 12:23 p.m. , Blogger Ted said...

I was going to say - our dear Rae has decided to bat for the other team??? [LOL]

It's OK Rae - I didn't mind the link 'cause afterall I'm a lesbian stuck in a man's body - I dig chicks. [LOL]

As for Facebook, I really don't see the appeal; it's overrated IMHO.



At 7:31 a.m. , Blogger Raevyn said...

Well Facebook has become my link with a whole bunch of my former classmates (it's better than Classmates: you don't have to pay anything to find them!) and most of my relatives, without emails and such. It's just addictive to me because it's like calling them on the phone every day, and that's what I would do if my phone bills weren't so freaking high already *wink*


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