Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The difference between angels and faeries

I love Anne. She's hilarious. She comes up with stuff like this all the time and I laughed so hard when I read this one I just had to share:

Faeries are spread widely among pantheons of Bored Gods, but there's no mistaking them for angels.

Angels don't hide your car keys when you're already late for work.

Angels have wings made of feathers because they live so far away up in the sky. Faeries have wings like butterflies or insects, because they hover closer to earth.

Angels take messages to God. Faeries take messages, cut them up, and re-assemble them to make all new words.

Angels do their master's bidding. Faeries do "The Hustle."

Angels live among the stars. Faeries spill the contents of jars.

*giggle* See? Hilarious!


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