Friday, April 07, 2006

Squeeeee for our side!!

I love William Petersen. It borders on a crush, really. Did any other witchy-type people catch anything of CSI last night? I didn't get to see much of it cuz I was talking to J for over half of it (sorry I missed you Em, you were out with your Mom!), but the last little bit really caught my eye. Gil Grissom (Petersen) was explaining to Greg (Eric Szmanda) about an entry in a murder victim's journal. The front of the journal had a pentacle and the word "death" underneath (which, I think, should have been "Life", but that's just me *grin*), and inside was a reference to the Summerland. Gil explained Summerland perfectly! "Pagans believe that the Summerland is a place where they go to rest and rejeuvanate before reincarnation" (paraphrasing). Which means that, aside from the obvious misinformation about pentacles, pagans, in a real small way, were put in a good (ish) light, by none other than a scientist!! Yay!!

I love William Petersen. He rawks my world (and my Summerland)!!!!


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