Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mirror go boom (x-posted from other blog)

As a pagan, is it wrong that I'm NOT that superstitious?

I've had this godsawful cough for about a month now and after suffering through waking myself up every 15 minutes throughout the night, I finally got up at 4:30 this morning to take some cough syrup (it was DayQuilâ„¢ but it was all I had) so I could get SOME sleep. It really worked for about two hours. At 6:30, Hubby got up to take a shower, and I was soothed by the sound of the running water, so much so that I was lulled back to sleep fairly quickly. Then 6:45 came along...


Okay, I'm awake.


Our 3 foot by 2 foot bathroom mirror came right off its moorings, shattering all over the sink, the floor, and in a few spots, my husband. He's okay, he really is. He's already headed off to work after he helped me clean up, but holy shit, I've never been so fucking scared out of my wits in my life. It was a big enough crash to scare even HIM, and this man has the blood pressure of a coma patient!

So my question to all of you is: if you were superstitious, how would you handle dealing with a broken mirror? I know the saying goes that if you break a mirror, you'll have seven years bad luck, but shit, my whole LIFE has been a series of bad luck incidents, yet they've all worked out for the best. Is there a little ritual I can do to counteract anything? Or is not believing in the superstition enough to desuade it from happening?

Pfft, to hear me talk, you'd think I WAS superstitious, eh? *looks over shoulder*

*shudder* okay okay, so I'm a LITTLE superstitious. Any thoughts?