Saturday, June 03, 2006

No, I'm not dead, just resting...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. No blogging here in almost a month. I'm busy as shit, so sue me! May descended upon us at EP and all Hades itself broke loose. Money coming in hand over fist (none of it mine, of course!), and our sales increase over 40% from this time last year (when D was still running it and the place was financially in the crapper). Got me some personal kudos from the "Big Boss", who hardly said three words to me on the one day (in a YEAR of working for him) that I met him in person.

Work has been, in a word, HELL. If I believed in a Hell. If I believed that there could be any place worse than a Hell if I believed in one. Things for PB have been surmountably (is that even a word?) worse than even what I've been going through because of the ineptitude of certain other employees of hers. For now, I'm just barely flying under her radar. I haven't screwwed up too badly (yet... wait for it, it'll come eventually! *sigh*), and I seem to be holding my own with my employees, keeping on top of what I should be keeping on top of. Next week, there's new owners of other stores coming into MY store to train with ME. *sigh* what the h-e-double hockey sticks am I going to do with two 'trainees', plus my two regular employees when I know that half of what I teach them is just going to go into interpretation mode with them and most of the good habits I feel I instill in my own employees go out the window with these guys? What if they blame me for crappy training when their stores go under? Am I worrying too much? I don't know. This is a big responsibility and I cannot believe that PB has either that much faith in me or that much disdain for me that she would drop this into my lap. Never mind that I never got a chance to express my trepidations because she went right ahead and confirmed that *I* would be training these guys first, then they'd be going to the other store for further training...

ARRRRRRRGH! My head is about to explode!

So, tomorrow, PB and I are going into Burlington/Oakville for a marketing conference. Big posh hotel, yummy snacks and all that. Whoopee. I'm looking forward to hobnobbing and to seeing my Wendy-friend on Sunday night (will be travelling by car and extra hour away to go see her at her home), but other than that, 12 hours of driving (in my car because PB's won't make it to TO) isn't my idea of funsville. And then I have to head into the city (O-town)within 6-8 hours of getting back from TO because I have to do inventory before the store opens on Tuesday morning. Whose bright idea was is to change inventory day from Thursday to Monday?? Certainly wasn't me *fume*

Okay, enough ranting. Someone I haven't talked with in over two years finally got back in touch with me this week. Am still optimistically cautious that things will have changed in the past two years. She seems happy, she sounds happy. Will know on Tuesday if she looks happy. At least I go into this knowing that if we can't patch things up as friends, I'm doing pretty okie-dokie without her and have for the past two years. I'm finally starting to become comfortable in my own skin (figuratively and literally since losing 13 pounds so far!), and I'm sure it shows in my demeanor and body language.

And besides, how can I not be in a good mood when Fest is just EIGHTEEN DAYS AWAY!! There are so many people I'm just dying to see again (and you all know who you are, because when have I ever been secretive about my feelings for any of you!!??), and I'm looking forward to selling my necklaces and keychains (I've made FIFTEEN of them in the last week and a half!), even though I know they won't hold a candle to some of the gorgeous pieces other people spend days on. I'm just going to have fun, to let loose, to DAAAAAANCE!!!!

Okay, now that I've written a novel to catch you all up, I'm going to go and take a shower and get ready for my day. Lots to do before I head to TO tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone!!